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The Publication awarded by the Publisher!

Most Notable Articles (September-November 2021)

The publication titled "Efficient Local Path Planning Algorithm Using Artificial Potential Field Supported by Augmented Reality", published in mid-October, by: Rafał Szczepański, Artur Bereit and Prof. Tomasz Tarczewski, was awarded by the journal in which it appeared as the most important article on electrical engineering at the turn of September and November.

Energies journal regularly submits the most notable articles to subscribers, one for each of the ten categories. One of the ten distinguished publications is an article that was created thanks to the funding received in the Microgrants competition for the project "Mobile robots in industry - high-performance human-machine and machine-machine cooperation", the leader of which was Prof. Tomasz Tarczewski. It is worth noting that over 1900 scientific articles are published in the Energies journal every quarter (source: Scopus).

More about the awarded work has already been written by the NCU Information Portal:

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