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Habilitation of Tomasz Piotrowski

Tomasz Piotrowski
Tomasz Piotrowski

Tomasz Piotrowski received M.Sc. in Mathematics degree from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, the Silesian University of Technology in 2004, a Master of Science degree in Information Processing and Neural Networks from King's College London, UK in 2005, and PhD degree in Technical Sciences from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan in 2008, nostrified at the Warsaw University of Technology in 2011. Between 2009 and 2010 he worked in the industry as a data analyst at Comarch SA. In 2011 he joined the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń as an assistant professor. He obtained the habilitation degree from Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, in 2021.

His current research interests include brain signal processing and the mathematical foundations of machine learning. He is a member of the Centre of Excellence Dynamika, Mathematical Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (CD DAMSI), the IDUB programme at the Nicolaus Copernicus University, as well as a representative of Nicolaus Copernicus University within the consortium of the  European-Japanese project TRUstworthy distRibuted Learning (TRURL) of the EIG-Japan programme (Horizon-2020).

His habilitation dissertation discusses analytically derived properties of reduced-order spatial filters, their robustness to noise and signal reconstruction fidelity under a low signal-to-noise ratio. These filters were subsequently used in algorithms solving the inverse problem of electroencephalography, i.e., the localization and reconstruction of sources of brain electrical activity based on recorded electrical potentials on the head surface.

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